Radio Report: Rep. Eric Robertson calls for more investment in law enforcement to improve highway safety

A Republican representative from Sumner discussed Washington’s transportation priorities during a Legislative Preview at the state Capitol on Thursday. Lawmakers convene for the 2024 session on Monday. Nic Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: (:57) Representative Eric Robertson said improvements to transportation is our best investment.

ROBERTSON: (:09) “Our transportation projects create jobs – good family wage jobs – and those create value out in the community, create taxes coming back to the state.”

SCOTT: Drawing on his experience as a former Washington State Patrol trooper, Representative Robertson supports hiring more law enforcement officers to keep our roads safe.

ROBERTSON: (:15) “We’re fiftieth in the nation for officers per-capita on the streets in our communities. You can change all the laws that you want, you’re not going to have people to enforce them. So, I think we need to look back at the core of our problem. We are the highest in three, four decades in fatalities on our highways.”

SCOTT: Robertson said increasing the ferry fleet is important, emphasized a concern over transportation cost overruns, and a need for legislators to be mindful of overtaxing the public.

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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