Radio Report: House favors a bipartisan transportation plan to hire more state troopers, improve roads and ferries

The House of Representatives agreed Saturday to a supplemental transportation budget to place more troopers on highways across the state while continuing preservation and maintenance activities. Nic Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: It’s described by Republican Representative Andrew Barkis, ranking member on the House Transportation Committee, as a strategic budget advancing projects and programs to improve transportation efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

BARKIS: “We can’t remove something from there and put it over here – that is not holding to the commitments for the entirety of the state. Mister Speaker, we have projects that have been in the works for years and years, and we have to stay on the course with those, working within our means, Mister Speaker.”

SCOTT: Representative Spencer Hutchins says there is no wisdom in building infrastructure that is not maintained.

HUTCHINS: “I’m proud that this budget prioritizes correctly the maintenance and preservation of not only our ferry system but our roads and bridges.”

SCOTT: Representative Eric Robertson says the budget retains the strategy of keeping the State Patrol strong.

ROBERTSON: “So we can make the numbers go up on the number of troopers on the road. Mister Speaker, that’s going to add to safer highways and less fatalities on our highways.”

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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